Industrial Powder Coatings

Want car chassis or components to be powder coated? Need a service that can provide a quick turnaround? Let Mallory Industrial Coatings Ltd help you accomplish that with our industrial powder coatings service in Leicester. You'll benefit from a high quality industrial coatings service for your products that can be completed within 3 days.

Benefits of industrial coating


Our industrial powder coatings service gives you the benefit of a full customised service. We package and deliver your goods meaning you benefit from a personalised touch all the way from initial consultation to application and delivery

•Great alternative to wet painting

•Cost effective and durable

•Allows for rapid turnover

•High impact resistance

•Uniform control of finishes


•Environmentally friendly

All your industrial parts and machinery will get clean powder coats that are consistent. We use state of the art technology that includes ovens, dryers and manual powder plants so you can be assured of getting a high quality service.


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